miss misily (jadegreenmoire) wrote in stlawu,
miss misily

thanks for all your help

It's been great talking to everyone from St. Lawrence, but I've decided that Mt. Holyoke is better for me in a variety of ways, from the social life to the location, which for me, is much more convenient.

I really liked both schools, and this has been such a difficult decision.
I won't forget what SLU has done for me, and I hope I don't regret turning this down.

Thanks again for the feedback,

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Just as an FYI, if you end up not being happy with Holyoke, fin aid might hold your package for you. My brother enrolled at SLU, left after a day, and transferred to SUNY-Potsdam. They told him if he wanted to come back they'd give him the scholarship and aid he was given before. So you never know.

Good luck! :)
Thanks! :)
I'm glad you made the choice you feel was best.
Thanks :)
glad to hear you followed your gut for what you felt was the better fit and didn't just go to SLU because of the financial aid package. SLU is a wonderful school, but it's not the right fit for everyone. Only you know where it's right :o).

Good luck!
Thanks :)