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I was accepted to the class of 2010 and am really strongly considering St. Lawrence. I'm visiting it soon, but I love how the environment sounds. I've always been really outdoor and sports oriented and think that would be a really cool community to be a part of (where people actually DO stuff).

I have a few questions. Do most people at St. Lawrence like it. With one being easy and ten being not managable, how hard do you think the St. Lawrence program is? Would you have chosen a more difficult school if you could do it again? Any school spirit? Any comments about the english or psychology departments? Do you feel like your professors challenge you to think? This one is more of a fact but if anyone knows the answer I'd really appreciate it. About what percent goes on to pursue graduate school (doesn't have to be immediately after college, just in general). I'm really excited about the opportunities at St. Lawrence. It sounds like a great school and great people to be around. I'm trying to decide between Skidmore and St. Lawrence right now, so your honest feedback is appreciated!
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Hey! Congrats and a potential welcome as a new larry! :)
I graduated last spring and have been missing SLU like CRAZY since then...I never regretted my choice...and I had to choose between 8!! :-/

Since you like outdoorsy stuff and athletics, you'll definatly find a place at SLU...both a very popular, but easy to join - I even played intermural broomball, and I'm pretty horrible at most sports!

As far as people who DO stuff, as you say, well, there's plenty of that...sometimes I found that there was tooo much to do at any one point...but that's all up to what you choose to involve yourself in...its a very open and flexible place

as far as academics, I'd rank them about a 6 to 7, depending on department and stuff...we're not super tough, but we're decent, and if you want a challenge, a lot of professors will help you get one if you ask. I had a similar choice to make in terms of really 'good' academic school and more average, and I'm glad I went with allowed me to work as hard as I wanted to challenge myself, but yet I think it was lower stress than some places. The profs are pretty much all really great, the kind that you can talk to and that you see around the campus a lot. I personally was an English major, and really loved the department...we have our crazy profs (what English department doesn't?) but they're fun, and its a great variety. I don't know a lot about Psych, but its very popular, and as far as I know everyone's real happy with that department too.

Wow, ok, sorry to sound like the admissions department here....I really do love SLU a little much at times I guess, and I'm very nostalgic for it...but seriously, its a good time...and my best advice is to trust your gut....when you walk on the campuses, see which one you feel more connected with...good luck!!
I took a few lit classes as part of my History/Canadian Studies major and one or two just because (Berger's Shakespeare class is amazing), and while I can't speak about the entirety of the department, the profs I had were great. Small class sizes (especially in higher level classes- one of my Canadian lit classes was five people) challenge even the most shy (i.e. me) students to contribute.

As for activities, I barely did anything in high school, and I totally got sucked in at SLU- editing for the newspaper for 4 years, intermurals (broomball, street hockey, you name it...), living in a theme hall, on-campus jobs, etc. You can do as much or as little as you want extracurricular-wise. The proximity to the Adirondacks and Canada makes for a ton of outdoor options, too. I think the majority of people who don't like SLU are people who don't get involved in anything.

I've always regretted not applying to Princeton... but I've never regretted going to SLU.
Heh, for what it's worth not many people who hated SLU would be on this list...

I loved it. I went there because it was one of two schools I was accepted to, and I didn't really like the other. But I really grew to love SLU. In terms of hardness, that really depends mostly on the professor you have. I'd probably give it a 7 or an 8. It wasn't so hard that I was crying in tears (well, usually not) because everything was above my head, but it was enough that I was working fairly diligently. I still had a life outside of schoolwork, but at the same time I'm not really one who loves a nightlife.

My family lives near Skidmore, and while I love the town I never really liked Skidmore much. However, I think that you'll find the student populations fairly similar. Skidmore certainly has more of a townlife about them (they'll complain about it because they're rich stuckup little snobs, but Saratoga Springs is a beautiful town and there's a lot to do there). There's not a whole heckuva lot to do in Canton, but the campus tries to pull in entertainment. There's also Canada pretty close by.

I loved my time at SLU, no two ways about it. It's a funny mix of people and while it's small it's got a niche for everyone. I feel like I really grew at SLU. I liked the rural community and while it was sometimes inconvenient it was also fun to go on long shopping trips with friends and just drive around the North Country to get to know the area (it was a part of New York I'd never really explored or even thought of before).

Good luck with your decision!
Congrats for being accepted to SLU! :)

I graduated in 2004 and I really loved my four years there, and I miss it so much!

If you like sports and outdoor activities you will definitely like SLU. There are intramural sports and there is the Outing Club that organizes little trips to the Adirondacks. Even beyond sports and outdoor activities, there is a lot to do at SLU, there are tons of clubs to join and always lots of activities going on around campus that it's hard to decide which ones to go to sometimes :) At SLU hockey is really big so you will most definitely find a lot of school spirit if you go to one, especially the SLU vs. Clarkson game!

As for academics, I would say that they are pretty good, I definitely feel that the professors expect a lot out of their students but it isn't impossible the amount of work that they expect. I definetly grew as a student and as a person when I was there. I found high school really easy and when I went to SLU you definitely have to work for your grades. It's challenging but manageable.

I was a Psychology major at SLU and I really liked the department. All the faculty members were really knowlegeable and supportive of their students. I really liked Dr. Searleman's Sensation and Perception class. I also really liked Dr. Ghiraldi's Hormones and Behaviors class. They were my favorite classes.

Right now I'm in grad school and I'm pretty sure that a high percent of SLU grads do end up going on to grad school either that or finding jobs. I don't know percentages though. You might find them on the website. I feel that going to SLU has prepared me for grad work even though I'm not studying psychology directly in grad school, the study skills and time management skills that I developed while at SLU has really helped me. In my program I talk about SLU a lot and how much fun I had there and all the great friends that I made :)

Good luck in your decision!
Congrats on your acceptance!

I, too, graduated in 2004. I'm starting grad school this Fall!

I was an English Lit major and I loved the department! I was also an interdisciplinary major and combined Sociology and Philosophy. My experience in all departments (even those I didn't mention) was fantastic. I would also rate the academics in general around 7/8. Quite a few classes a 10. The bottom line no matter where you attend college is that the academics are what you make them. Take advantage of the amazing profs at SLU and don't be afraid to call some of them your friends.

Socially, people generally make friends fast. I had some amazing experiences at SLU and wouldn't change it for the world. I wouldn't jump at the chance to do it all over again, and that's saying something!
Congrats, yet again, on your acceptance at SLU! I graduated a little less than a year ago, in 2005.

To answer your questions: Most people at St. Lawrence like it. They will complain about everything from the weather, to classes, to administration; but when it comes down to it, people like it. Because those who don't like it transfer to some place else.

The dificulty of classes really depends on the department and the prof. But I would say, on average around a 6-8 range; not unmanagable, but you will have to spend significant time on work. It gets a little harder as you take more difficult classes, but that's expected. It also depends on the other time committments that you have. Most clubs are pretty easy going, but athletics can take a lot of time as can any greek house.

School spirit, absolutely! Especially in regards to the hockey teams. Or most athletic teams actually. (I brag all the time about our women's hockey team, #3 in the nation for the last 4 years)

The psych department is really good. I only took intro but it was really a good class. I know a few people who were psych majors and they did some really cool research. I don't like english and took no english classes so I have no info for you there.

All of the professors that I had really challenged me to think. I was a Government major and can say nothing bad about the department. But I was forced to do a lot of thinking about my opinions and viewpoints. I also found that I did best in the classes where I was forced to think and then defend my opinions. It was really great because it has defined who I am now. I know there is at least 1, if not 2 or 3, of my profs that literally watched me change and grow through my work and research and classes. Overall, I think the profs are just great. They genuinely care for their students and their well-being. They want to see you grow and change and learn more and figure out who you are as a person in today's world.
As for percentage that go to grad school, I would guess around 85% total. Especially since in today's world a Bachelor's degree isn't really enough to get by with.

The only bad thing that I can say about SLU is in regards to some of the students. And I know that college is supposed to be a fun, carefree time, but some of the students just need to grow up. (these are typically the rich, spoiled kids) However, I'm sure that those kinds of kids are everywhere, so you can't really escape that.

Anyways, good luck with your decision and don't hesitate to respond with any other questions you might have.