joycey223 (joycey223) wrote in stlawu,


I was accepted to the class of 2010 and am really strongly considering St. Lawrence. I'm visiting it soon, but I love how the environment sounds. I've always been really outdoor and sports oriented and think that would be a really cool community to be a part of (where people actually DO stuff).

I have a few questions. Do most people at St. Lawrence like it. With one being easy and ten being not managable, how hard do you think the St. Lawrence program is? Would you have chosen a more difficult school if you could do it again? Any school spirit? Any comments about the english or psychology departments? Do you feel like your professors challenge you to think? This one is more of a fact but if anyone knows the answer I'd really appreciate it. About what percent goes on to pursue graduate school (doesn't have to be immediately after college, just in general). I'm really excited about the opportunities at St. Lawrence. It sounds like a great school and great people to be around. I'm trying to decide between Skidmore and St. Lawrence right now, so your honest feedback is appreciated!
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