miss misily (jadegreenmoire) wrote in stlawu,
miss misily

Another prospie with questions

I'm also an accepted student, who recently visited and now is strongly considering SLU.

I'm a Presidential Diversity Scholar, so SLU is giving me such a good package I'm finding it very difficult to turn down. I was accepted to my original first choice college (Mount Holyoke in MA), and really had not been considering SLU. However, since I visited, I've realized that I really liked the school.

My main concern is the social scene: Aside from the "rich kids" stereotype, I'm worried about the partying: I'm not into drinking/smoking/drugs, and had an overnight on 4/20, so that might not have given me the best impression.

My host did tell me that drinking was a big part of the social life here (as with many colleges), but how bad is it really (the partying, the loudness, etc)? For someone who doesn't drink, will I still be able to find a social niche without having to hole myself up in a substance free quiet hall?

Otherwise, I really like the school, and what it has to offer. Everyone I met was extremely nice, both professors and students, and seemed to love the school.

I'm interested in anthropology and English (and maybe psychology), so if anyone has insight into those departments, that would be great.

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