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Those things...that you sit on...

Yeah, shiori_hime and I were talking earlier about ODY and its qualities. The only thing I said it really had going for it were the goat statue thing and its treeforts. But I can't remember what those things are actually called. Y'all know what I'm talking about -- the study spaces you have to climb ladders to get into. What are they called?
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I thought that everyone just called them the tree houses or tree forts. If there was a more "technical" term for them, then I don't know what it was. If I was ever in ODY doing work, I was in the 24 hour room. Other than that I only went there when I needed books or we were having class there for some reason.
yeah I always just called them treehouses. I used to like hiding in the treehouses with my coffee and M&Ms and studying during finals week! :)
I'm pretty sure the treehouses is the offical name for them...I think its in brochures and everything...and the goat is just the goat of course :)